Knee Joint cartilage tear

Cartilage- they are fine rubbery connective tissues which act as a cushion between the bones of the joints. People with cartilage damage suffers joint pain, stiffness and swellings.

What do we understand by knee joint cartilage?

They are soft, tender tissues present in the knee joint, where the femur and the tibia bones meet, underneath the patella. They have two ligaments on the top.

Symptoms of knee joint cartilage tears:

You may suffer the symptoms mentioned below,

1. A tenderness near your knee area.

2. Abnormal pain while walking or performing routine tasks.

3. Popping sound when you twist your knee. (It can be heard when the ligament is torn completely)

Cartilage tear can be because of injury in the knee or wear and tear of knee over time or when the knee is applied or put pressure in the same direction, then the ligament which is trying to hold it might tear, this type of injuries is called a sprain. The sprains may be ranked as one, two, three as per the damage where the third stands the most critical of all. As per the ranking the first rank or the first grade of sprain affects the ligament but there is no damage caused in the fibers or cartilage, the second one is a bit severe in this, the ligament is torn affecting the fibers. And in the third rank the fibers get teared along with causing huge damage to the ligaments.

There are two types of knee joint cartilage tears, namely:

1. Traumatic tears.

2. Degenerative tears.

Can these cartilage tears heal?

Well, Healing depends upon severity of the tear. Cartilage usually has a poor blood supply of which the inside two-third cartilage has a poor or no blood supply and because of which it cannot heal all by itself and requires an arthroscopic surgery.

But, knee joint cartilages can be treated with physiotherapy if the torn part has good blood supply. Inflammation in the joint, restore normal movement around the joint and muscle length. Physiotherapy will improve the strength of the hamstrings and quadriceps and hip muscles. Physiotherapy will also correct any longstanding biomechanical issues surrounding the knee joint.

Also by physiotherapy the chances of re-injury reduces.

In what time can knee joint cartilages be healed?

The amount of time the injury will take to heal depends upon how severe your injury is. But,

the cartilage tears approximately take about six to eight weeks to heal, although some meniscal or cartilage tears require surgery because of no blood supply or low blood supply. Well, a physiotherapist is the best person to guide you on the most appropriate course of action to recover.

So when you’re in a dilemma about your knee pain consult a physiotherapist!