Scoliosis, Now Treated with Physiotherapy!

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When the spine of a person gets tilted in the shape of ‘c’ or‘s’, it is called as scoliosis. It is a type of postural disformity. Doctors have not been able to detect the actual cause of scoliosis, but possible reasons can be, due to genetic factors or environmental factors such as unsuitable temperature, sitting and standing posture. It might also occur due to muscle spasm, tumor, prolonged lower back pain, injury in the pelvic area. At the early stages, the pain is not seen and the postural deformity at the beginning is not so noticeable. But, in the later stages, it may make your back contorted. It adversely affects the pelvic region.

For about 3% of the population is triggered by scoliosis and of which the majority of it is females.

Symptoms of Scoliosis:

The symptoms can be:

  • lower back pain
  • pain in the pelvic region,
  • shoulders, constipation for long due to tightened organs,
  • feeling of neausea,
  • pain during menstruation,
  • irregular menstruation cycle

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If you feel any of these above sympomts then you must see a doctor and make sure you get your x-ray done, to see if the spine has not been displaced!

Scoliosis can also be three-dimensional and this is why can be seen sideways. For some severe cases, scoliosis may reduce the lung capacity, increase hypertension and chances of heart problems.


This problem of scoliosis can be cured by physiotherapy when our patients suffering from even minor back pain visit our physiotherapy center in Indore, we suggest them they must take it seriously! (you never know what could be the root cause of a major problem)

With proper and regular exercises, the back might become erect and might reduce the chances of scoliosis (at the early stage). You may also feel better with regular massages which would help the spine to be in place again.

But even if you have crossed the early stage, even then you need not worry! With physio-yoga and daily sessions of physiotherapy center, can help you recover from about 50 to 60%.


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