Your Driving position

Does your driving position cause you pain?

Your incorrect driving position can lead to pain in the neck, shoulder, lower back or foot.

These pains may be caused due to inappropriate sitting posture while driving. Nowadays we tend to commute over long distances, driving for hours and maybe sitting in the wrong positions! Our sitting position makes a huge difference, so if you’re experiencing any of the above pain, what could you possibly do?

1) Firstly, check there is nothing in your pockets of pants or jacket like keys, wallet, cell phones or any discomfort which may alter your seating.

2) You should always be particular about your seating, the seat adjustment should be such

i) That your back should be erect.

ii) Make sure that you are able to reach the steering wheel properly.

iii) Using pillows can help you correct your spine position keeping it it erect or the height of your hip and knees, reducing the pressure on spine.

iv) Adjust the height of steering wheel such that your knees have enough place to push the accelerator and brakes.

v) Also, make sure to take a break from driving every couple of hours and stretch your neck- up and down and sideways.

vi) Stretch your arms so that your shoulder muscles are relaxed.

3) If, you have foot pain, then common areas of pain can be your heel or the ball of the foot and when you rest your foot on the floor which may lead to heel pain. To avoid this you should be very particular about:

i) The footwear you choose, the choice of footwear is an integral part when one drives. Try to wear shoes while you drive.

ii) Your footwear should be comfortable and should have a soft soul cushioning around the heel. If the pain is persistent, then you may implement a gel padding.

iii) If you are travelling for a longer distance, take a break every two hours for ten to fifteen minutes and walk to check on the movement.

iv) When you return to driving seats make sure you have proper sitting arrangement.

4) Also, make sure the rear view mirror and side mirrors are are placed according to you so that you don’t have to unnecessarily bend and put pressure on your spine and to avoid neck protracted or forward leaning of the body.

If the above tips and advices not help in the improvisation of pains caused due to driving, then you might have to see a physiotherapist!